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Common Core Privacy Opt Out Form
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Concerned Parents of California

Concerned Parents of California is an organization of parents and teachers advocating for quality education including public, private and home schooling. We are dedicated to protect state rights over education, local control of schools, parental rights and our right to privacy.

Concerned Parents of California and the Pacific Justice Institute have created a legally vetted California specific Opt Out Form to protect our children and our families' privacy from the prying eyes of the education establishment and their partners in the federal government, other state governments and private companies.

Pacific Justice Institute, with 500 affiliate attorneys in California, will defend pro bono California parents who download and submit to their children's school the Common Core Privacy Data Mining Opt Out Form (available for download from our website), and if following, their right to privacy is violated.

We hold that no government or private company can guarantee the anonymity or security of data. The only anonymous and secure data is data that we do not surrender.

The California Privacy Opt-Out Form and the instructions, found on the reverse side of the form, was prepared by the Pacific Justice Institute with input from a number of nationally recognized experts on California statutes on privacy, the Education Code, the California 1997 education state standards, Common Core and the Right to Privacy. We also received assistance from Nathan Oleson of the offices of Oleson Law, Ramona, California.

Let’s be clear about two things.  As a parent in California you have the right under the United States Constitution, the State of California Constitution, California statutes and numerous California education code sections to opt-out of federal and state assessment tests and surveys and from questions that pry into our personal believes and practices. For additional information please refer to the legal citations on the front page of the the California Privacy Opt Out Form.

Secondly, the school board, under State of California education code 33308.5. (a), has the authority to adopt or reject the state department of education recommended Common Core standards and associated federal and state assessment tests and surveys..

For the legal citations see the front side of the opt out form.

Let’s also be perfectly clear.  You may have the right the opt-out and the local school board may have the authority to reject the Common Core standards, but that does not mean that you as a parent will get your wish without a fight and most likely a legal fight.

These are things that you as a parent should do:

  1. Submit the Opt-Out form to the school principal.
  2. Make sure that you get a receipt from the school principal or designated authorized person, dated and signed (or alternative proof of service).
  3. If you send the Opt-Out form by USPS, address it to the principal by certified or registered mail and signature requested. As a backup, send a copy of the opt out form to the principal by email and give copies to your child's teachers.
  4. Download the Opt Out form and stay tuned. The Opt Out form has to be re-submitted every year. www.ConcernedParentsofCalifornia ,
    www.DOLZ.com or www.PJI.org

IMPORTANT. Educate your children about their right to privacy. Role play with them so that protecting their privacy becomes second nature. Your children will be your eyes and ears as to your families privacy protection while in school. If you submit the California Privacy Opt Out form follwing the instructions on the back side, and your legal rights are thereafter violated, contact the Concerned Parents of California and the Pacific Justice Institute. You will be represented by an attorney free of charge.

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Support School Board Candidates Who Stand for Parental Rights,
Local Control of Schools and Respect for the Right to Privacy.
For example, Tony Dolz and Mike Dunn

Election November 2014

Tony Dolz School Board log_pic

State of California Department of Education Code

33308.5. (a) Program guidelines issued by the State Department of Education shall be designed to serve as a model or example, and shall not be prescriptive. Program guidelines issued by the department shall include written notification that the guidelines are merely exemplary, and that compliance with the guidelines is not mandatory.

60615 Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a parent’s or guardian’s written request to school officials to excuse his or her child from any or all part of the assessments administered pursuant to this chapter shall be granted.”   State tests are mandatory for districts to administer but optional for students to take (with parent opt out).

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